a thousand petals, a thousand paths

Jack finally shares with Daniel how those 100 days on Edora affected him. (Season 3, Angst, Character Study, Pre-slash)

On the way back from Honduras with Daniel and Bill Lee, Jack does some heavy thinking. (Season 7, humor, H/C, Angst, Pre-slash)

While on an ice planet, Daniel’s brush with death brings Jack to some new conclusions. (Season 7, Angst, H/C, character study, A/A, Pre-Slash)

Back at the SGC, Jack continues to reassess his relationship with Daniel while Daniel recovers from his injuries. (Season 7, Angst, H/C, Pre-Slash, Humor, Character Study)

Everything falls together for Jack when he checks on a convalescencing Daniel at home. (Season 7, H/C, humor, Slash, Romance)

Daniel ponders sex, skin and his very soul. (Season 9, Angst, Character Study, Pre-slash)