a thousand petals, a thousand paths

Daniel’s in need, in so many ways. Written for the 2007 Jack/Daniel Ficathon. Parameters: “Need” tag/based in said episode, with Jack & Daniel in an established relationship. Optional request: Jack helps Daniel recover from the sarcophagus addiction. No-nos: No Jack- or Daniel-bashing, and no main character deaths. (Season Two, Slash, Angst, H/C (emotional, physical), Addiction)

Written for a livejournal challenge using the phrase “He thought maybe it was time to have a gay epiphany;” can fit only in the space of an lj comment (approximately 4,300 characters or 737 words). All about hot, sweaty sex, no plot necessary. (Any season [latter seasons preferred], Humor, First Time, PWP, Challenge.)

Sam contemplates herself, and the men in her life, coming to a very hard and painful conclusion. (From The Movie to Season 9, Character Study, Slash, Het, Angst, Hurt)

Denouement to the “Mirror Crack’d” series of “Cold Comfort,” “Status Quo,” and “Little Things.” Good with the series or by itself. :) (From The Movie to Season 7, Slash, First Time, Romance, Sap.)

Hopping on the “Five Things” bandwagon, this is my first foray into this oh-so-fun playroom! The ending is expected, but the middle, perchance, is not. (From The Movie to “the present,” Slash, A/A, H/C, Angst.)

This was written in response to the Seduction Challenge on livejournal. “Let one of your pair seduce the other. Or have two teaming up to seduce one. Wine them and dine them. Talk dirty to them. Ply them with gifts. Give them a massage. Surround them with candles. Win them over with knowledge of their favorite subjects. Seduce them. It’s not about the sex, it’s about getting there.” (Any season, humor, romance)