a thousand petals, a thousand paths

“Holy Christ!” Rodney said, pushing on Daniel’s chest. “You’re like the charge of the Light Brigade! Let it go already.”

“Maybe I want to spend time with him, maybe I think there’s something more than the psychopath you’re all afraid he’ll be,” Daniel said angrily, standing still for a moment.

“You have to save another one,” Rodney said bitterly. “Fine, you just charge right on out there and ignore everything else, everything you and I know is already here.”

“What!” Daniel shouted, pushing back in turn. “What is this thing we have, Rodney? Why the fuck can’t we stand to be apart from each other! Why? C’mon, tell me that, genius! Why do I always want to be with you, but I fucking need to be with Jack! No answer? God help me. You’re this big fucking black hole that I can never get out of. Can you? Please? Just fucking let me go, for even a little while?”

Rodney rolled his eyes. “And sacrifice yourself on the virgin altar of Jack O’Neill’s writhing conscience? Well, my little slut muffin, he’s no virgin, there’s no goddamned altar, and O’Neill’s conscience died a sad and lonely death back in Ba’al’s – ” And he was up against the wall with Daniel’s forearm pressed against his throat.

“Don’t. Even. Say. It,” Daniel hissed, and all Rodney was left with was a sore throat and a really big feeling of impending doom.


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