a thousand petals, a thousand paths

From Colonel Jack O’Neill’s mission report, P5X-919:  I went through the Stargate at 0900 hours as planned with Major Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and the Jaffa Teal’c. The images sent back by the MALP were confirmed upon our stepping through the Gate. P5X-919 is a heavily wooded planet, but there were obvious signs of people. The MALP was undamaged and continued to transmit our signal through the Gate at the specified check-in times with Stargate Command. There was a clear, wide path leading from the Gate into the woods. The dais on which the Gate stood was ringed with seven big rocks of about 6’ tall.

From Dr. Daniel Jackson’s mission report, P5X-919:  We came through the Stargate with no problem. While Colonel O’Neill and Teal’c scouted the area, Major Carter ran tests. Of interest to me were the nemetons. There were seven of them, obviously designed after the stone monoliths of Stonehenge, though distinctly of smaller stature. There were carvings on the stones, and obvious evidence of sharp chiseling, which indicated to me that the society which had erected these stones was certainly farther along than the Bronze Age society which supposedly created Stonehenge (all legends of Merlin aside).

From Major Samantha Carter’s mission report, P5X-919:  Once through the Stargate, I began my mineral tests, as well as scanning for any levels of radiation, technological energy emissions, and double-checked the air content. My readings confirmed those of the MALP, indicating that, while this planet had a high oxygen content, the air was singularly clean and free of pollution. The flora was similar to that of Earth, including trees that looked like pines, bushes of elderberries, and daisies in the grasses that edged the gravel path leading from the Stargate.

From the Jaffa Teal’c’s mission report, P5X-919:  We exited the Chappa’ai with no obstruction. Colonel O’Neill and I surveyed the area and found no imminent threats of any kind.

From Colonel Jack O’Neill’s mission report, P5X-919:  We followed the path through the woods and encountered a large city. Most of the buildings were made of wood, and the men and women wore velvet. The men, in particular, wore tights. They were quite surprised to see us, and Major Carter, in particular, drew a lot of stares. They spoke a weird version of English, which Dr. Jackson seemed to understand perfectly well. Teal’c was stared at a lot, as well, but Major Carter seemed to be stared at the most.

From Dr. Daniel Jackson’s mission report, P5X-919:  The city we encountered is fantastic. It’s approximate to 16th century England. The thought that this group of humans, taken from Earth, had developed along the same path as the humans on Earth is fascinating. I hoped that, through talking with the inhabitants of this city – named Sarumin – I would be able to discover if they had had an equivalent of our Dark Ages, or if they had managed to by-pass that particularly dark period of our history. The inhabitants spoke an archaic version of English, farther along than the Old English of Earth (certainly more understandable than the OE of Beowulf), but somewhat elided from the English of Chaucer and Shakespeare. There was no problem communicating with them, however, and the first inhabitants of Sarumin we met took us immediately to meet their leaders, the Legate Council.

From Major Samantha Carter’s mission report, P5X-919:  The technological level of this planet is apparently close to that of Renaissance England. There is little technology beyond that of the smithies, weapons makers, etc. The weaving mills are fairly advanced, but there is certainly no evidence of anything automated. This would account for the purity of the air, as there has been no Industrial Revolution, thus keeping the atmosphere free of pollutants. The people themselves, however, seemed rather skittish and stared at all of us, me most of all, surprisingly. Teal’c did not raise the same eyebrows that my appearance did.

From the Jaffa Teal’c’s mission report, P5X-919:  We made contact with the inhabitants of this planet. They took us to meet their political leaders. There did not seem to be much of a standing army, although I did note many guards as we approached towards the center of the city.

From Colonel Jack O’Neill’s mission report, P5X-919:  The leaders of this city are called the Legate Council. They seem to be all lawyers, which made me instantly nervous. However, we engaged them in discussion and explained our mission to explore other planets. They were aware of what the Stargate was, but were ignorant as to its purpose. Dr. Jackson explained to them about the Goa’uld, but the inhabitants didn’t seem very interested in their ancient history. Instead, they tried to explain to us their local customs. Dr. Jackson spoke with them the most, while Colonel Carter and I toured their capitol building. Teal’c remained with Dr. Jackson.

From Dr. Daniel Jackson’s mission report, P5X-919:  The social hierarchical structure of Sarumin is amazing. There is no presence of royalty, as one might expect in a city so close to Renaissance England. Instead, the leaders are closely akin to what we call lawyers. They are called Legates and wear Scales of Justice embroidered on their chests to differentiate them from the rest of the populace. They have vast numbers of laws, regulating everything, and are intimately familiar with every single one. The crime rate, as a result, is very low in Sarumin, and any infractions are dealt with extremely harshly. Our presence caused some concern, as visitors to Sarumin are infrequent, and any foreigners are subject to an in-depth interrogation outside of the city before they are allowed to enter. I tried as best I could to impress upon them that we understood their laws and would abide by them to the best of our ability.

From Major Samantha Carter’s mission report, P5X-919:  The capitol building of Sarumin seemed built along the lines of the Tower of London in London, England. The hallways were mostly stone, and it seemed that there were a great many guards the further away from the Legate chambers. Colonel O’Neill inquired as to this seeming paradox, as it would make more sense for there to be more guards around the Legates to protect them. We were informed that the prisons were below the palace itself, and any prisoners therein were guarded zealously.

From the Jaffa Teal’c’s mission report, P5X-919:  Dr. Jackson spoke with the Legates. A legate, he informed me, is something akin to the lawyers of the Tau’ri, those who enforce the laws of a city within the courts to determine the guilt of an accused. I did not like them. They appeared to be hiding something, but what, I could not divine.

From Colonel Jack O’Neill’s mission report, P5X-919:  It wasn’t long after we discovered that there were dungeons in the palace that the guards surrounded us and took Major Carter prisoner.

From Dr. Daniel Jackson’s mission report, P5X-919:  In the middle of speaking with the Vice Legate, Colonel O’Neill returned, visibly upset, and informed us that Major Carter had been arrested. I asked the Legate why Major Carter had been arrested, and we were told that it was because she had shown her legs.

From Major Samantha Carter’s mission report, P5X-919:  Once I was arrested, my weapons, gear, and clothing were taken from me. I was given a garment similar to a nightgown to wear. It was not very warm, and the dungeons were very cold. The dungeons themselves were crude, obviously of older vintage than the palace itself, and there was no window, no bars, simply the thick wooden door, made of a material similar to oak. It was impervious to my attempts to open it, scrape through it with my fingernails, or otherwise shift it enough to effect enough of a gap for me to slip through. I had nothing in the cell with me that I could use as a weapon or a means of escaping my prison.

From the Jaffa Teal’c’s mission report, P5X-919:  Upon hearing that Major Carter had been taken prisoner, I immediately unholstered my zatnicotel with the intention of forcing the lawyers to release Major Carter. Both Dr. Jackson and Colonel O’Neill persuaded me to put away my weapon for the time being in the hopes that Dr. Jackson could come to some sort of arrangement with the lawyers. I did not have much hope of this, and remained ready to engage in combat if need be.

From Colonel Jack O’Neill’s mission report, P5X-919:  The reason, as Dr. Jackson explained to me, for Major Carter’s imprisonment was because she had worn men’s clothing. The Legate council was quite firm about the fact that women in their society were not allowed to wear anything but dresses. As Major Carter had flaunted this law, even though she did not know of it, she was arrested and her trial would be held that afternoon. The Legates were speedy about dispensing their brand of justice, it seemed.

From Dr. Daniel Jackson’s mission report, P5X-919:  After a great deal of discussion, the Legate Council allowed us to represent Major Carter in their tribunal, as her status as alien diplomat allowed the possibility that she might be shown some mercy. With little delay, Colonel O’Neill, Teal’c and I were escorted to the very center of the palace. This was a room with a high dome, similar to the chapel at Windsor Castle, clearly indicative of a similar path of art development among the Sarumins. Major Carter was brought into the domed room in a white dress similar to a 16th century shift, with heavy shackles on her wrists and ankles. Her short hair had obviously presented the Legates with a problem, as she wore a wimple.>

From the Jaffa Teal’c’s mission report, P5X-919:  Major Carter looked extremely displeased with her current situation. I was prepared to fire at the slightest provocation. I had every faith in Dr. Jackson’s logic and reasoning, and no faith whatsoever in the lawyers to listen to said reason and logic.

From Colonel Jack O’Neill’s mission report, P5X-919:  I didn’t have much hope for Dr. Jackson’s attempts, through no fault of his own, and I was right. The Legates, for some reason, had lost their enthusiasm for our presence on their special little planet and had decided that Major Carter had to die, and that we were to follow soon after for trying to excuse her conduct. While Dr. Jackson continued to try to argue with the Legates, Teal’c and I unholstered our weapons and took a line of sight on the head Legate. Dr. Jackson tried to stop us, but I had no assurances that there wouldn’t be a mess. Fortunately, the inhabitants of this city only carry swords and knives, as far as I could see. Guns and gunpowder were not evident.

From Dr. Daniel Jackson’s mission report, P5X-919:  I tried to stop Colonel O’Neill and Teal’c from drawing their weapons and completely destroying any chance we had of leaving the planet peacefully, but I have to admit that they were right – there was no way we were going to get Major Carter out of there without a skirmish.

From Major Samantha Carter’s mission report, P5X-919:  The guards brought me into the courtroom in shackles. Dr. Jackson tried to defend me to the Legates, but was refused. As the guards attempted to lead me from the courtroom and, I can only assume, directly to the executioner’s block, Colonel O’Neill and Teal’c drew their weapons. Covered by Colonel O’Neill’s and Teal’c’s weapons, Dr. Jackson obtained keys from one of the guards and removed my shackles. Upon our insistence, my clothes, weapons and gear were restored to me in a leather bag. Colonel O’Neill did not give me time to change, as he wished to leave the planet immediately.

From the Jaffa Teal’c’s mission report, P5X-919:  With Major Carter armed again, Colonel O’Neill, Dr. Jackson, Major Carter and I retreated from the capitol building at a brisk pace, making sure to keep all angles covered as we made our way towards the Chappa’ai. The lawyers followed with their guards.

From Colonel Jack O’Neill’s mission report, P5X-919:  We retreated back towards the Stargate, but we got outflanked just as the Gate came into view. Several, more sprightly legal sharks, now armed with swords, attempted to charge us as Dr. Jackson entered the Earth coordinates into the Dial Home Device. Major Carter, Teal’c and I fired our zats, as Dr. Jackson had been insistent on our retreat that we harm as few people as possible. Therefore, I refrained, with great difficulty, from using my P-90. Unfortunately, as the Gate engaged and the wormhole appeared in the ring, the Legates – having realized that our zats were only incapacitating them – made a final massive attack, and we were forced to fire repeatedly with the zats, thereby killing most, if not all, of the Legates.

From the Jaffa Teal’c’s mission report, P5X-919:  It was apparent that the legal representatives of this culture would not cease their efforts to keep us from leaving their planet. With little remorse, I assisted in killing all the lawyers. It was most satisfying.


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